The Reactive Resin Company

Water clear epoxy resin systems to fire your creative passions

What do we want to do?

Cast onto wood.

Low exotherm means less out gassing and better bonding.


Be creative, cast it into a shape, machine & polish. Water clear resin allows end user to pigment.


The fast reaction version can be used to coat wood & enhance the finish.

“Epoxy resin is a great material to work with as long as you understand it’s limitations. This mainly surrounds peak exotherm and the media it is encapsulating.”

Rob McLaren


The Reactive Resin Company has knowledge and materials to help you along.

We have a common base, CleaRez 50A, this is a water clear, albeit with a slight violet haze, resin that can be mixed with 2 different hardeners to pour for deep casts CleaRez 50B, or sealing or float coat CleaRez 65B.

We have 2 more systems in the pipeline too!


Whether you’re curious about features, a sample, dtat sheet, shipping or advice, we’re here to answer any questions.